AI 101: An Attempt to Make It Make Sense

Edits & corrections.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) has actually been around for quite a while. It’s just taken some necessary factors longer to catch up to bring it into the mainstream, namely, data and computing power.

The idea of AI, was born in the 1930’s, when John Atanasoff invented the electronic digital computer. In was another 20 years, however, before the term artificial intelligence was first used, when in 1956, John McCarthy, led the organization of the first AI conference.

Along its path to today, there have been a few false starts, but this was less due to the “capabilities” of AI, and more due to the needed inputs for AI to be successful (again computing power and large (unstructured) data sets). Today’s world has both, and they are growing exponentially. These two reasons have catapulted AI into vogue.

Amazon, arguably the most commercial available AI engine, is getting better and better at…

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