Enterprise Change: People + Process + Technology = Success.

Enterprise 2.0, defined as use of “web 2.0” technologies to enhance processes & collaboration, starts with the right people driving the change. Sounds obvious to-be-sure. Then why do organizations continually falter? Further, enterprise wide change in general, requires the right people in the right place, who are then, subsequently, supported by process & technology. Yet […]

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Design Is Part of BAU.

A recent article on Fast Company’s design page, hosts an article: “The Secret To Apple’s Long-Term Success?“. Their simple answer to what it is? It [Apple] always prepares for the future. They design to over-haul and innovate. Never to just “upgrade“.  Innovation is “to renew or change”.  It is not just part of an offsite strategy retreat. It […]

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A Fashionable Opportunity

The July 24th edition of the Economist’s business section begins with an article, “The Chic Learn to Click“, on an industry not usually discussed in such financially- oriented publications: (high- end) fashion. Truth- be – told, its rare this industry is mentioned in many (widely circulated) publications at all. That is part of its allure, […]

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Book Review: A Whole New Mind

Daniel Pink’s 2005 book, on the merits of right- brained thinking, has a title, “A Whole New Mind: Why Right- Brainers Will Rule the Future“, which suggests a revolution is upon us. In reality, the apocalypse the title implies is not that scary. Behind its auspicious cover, a WNM provides a comprehensive historical account of the […]

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