AI & Machine Learning Part One: Predictability is “In” (Big Data is Out)

As the internet commoditized information, making it accessible to the masses, so too will machine learning/ artificial intelligence (AI) transform analytics & predictability, making use of all the data the internet has enabled. And therein is the power of AI, it allows for better decision making, by humans. It does this by better and better […]

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Don’t Be Better. Be Different.

I was catching up with a mentor and colleague a few days, and we got onto the topic of “better“. In his, as always interesting, view, it isn’t (just) “better” we should be chasing, per say, but “different”. He continued to explained that better suggest a binary, and zero-sum, view. Better implies the existing model is “worse”. Better […]

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Strategy. Simple Right?

A recent HBR article, “The (Surprisingly) Simple Rules of Strategy” (for some reason the magazine title is different than the online version), provides exactly what it states: a brilliantly simple view of the strategic planning process. The underlying theme is, strategy has become too reliant on models, and convergent thinking, at the expense of what […]

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